Hello, world.

Hi. I’m Jess, better known as JL George, and you might have seen my fiction in Fireside, Curiosities, New Welsh Reader, and various other places that like to publish words. It’s mostly of the speculative variety — fantasy, horror, and marshmallow-soft SF — often queer, and a little bit thorny. I also write romance-flavoured contemporary fantasy as Louise Long. You can find my published work on my website.

My novel The Word, an earlier version of which won the dystopian novella category of the New Welsh Writing Awards in 2019, will be out later this year from New Welsh Rarebyte.

If you’d like to keep up with my news, or my occasional ramblings about writing life, this is where you sign up. As for the name ‘Chimaera Bay’ is a fantastical version of the Cardiff Bay/Butetown area, where I live, which exists in my head and might make it into a story one of these days. Welcome!

In the meantime, tell your friends!